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Master of Disaster started shooting Moonfall in autumn with an investment of 1.$ 500 million

“Master of Disaster” started shooting “Moonfall” in autumn with an investment of 1.$ 500 million
“灾难大师”罗兰·艾默里奇 美国时间5月12日,据外媒报道,“灾难大师”罗兰·艾默里奇执导的最新科幻灾难片《月球陨落》选定了第一个演员——Josh Gard, who once voiced the comic character Snowman Olaf in Frozen, won the Anne Award for Best Animation Voice.Lionsgate has acquired the rights to distribute the film in North America and plans to start shooting this fall.Last year’s “Decisive Battle Midway Island” directed by Emeritch was released in mainland China. When he accepted the sauna and Yewang, he talked about the investment in the new film “Moonfall” planned to be made more than “Decision Midway Island”. It is expected to be 1.500 million US dollars.>>>《决战中途岛》筹拍20年险夭折,艾默里奇解析幕后战事 《月球陨落》由导演艾默里奇和编剧哈洛德·克卢瑟(《2012》《后天》)、Spencer Cohen (“Extinction”) is a joint fencing script about a disaster that caused a mysterious force to knock the moon from orbit and hit the earth.With little time left, a squad composed of people from the bottom of society launched a final blow to the moon, hoping to solve the mystery and save the earth from destruction. 乔什·加德 乔什·加德在片中将扮演一个名叫KC·豪斯曼的角色,电影制作人将他描述为一个古怪、蓬头散发的人,从某种程度上说,他Have a high IQ and a high degree of organization.He is a genius who accurately predicts that the moon has deviated from its orbit, thus making this man who is fascinated by space and acting strangely one of the most important people on earth.Sauna, Yenet Editor Teng Chao Huang Jialing Proofreading Zhao Lin