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Naturalized players have come, but supporting policies are still difficult

Naturalized players have come, but supporting policies are still “difficult”
At the investor conference announced today, the Chinese Football Association finally announced the league’s new deal.Foreign aid quotas, salary caps and other related policies have been officially announced, except that the relevant policies of naturalized players have been excluded.In the 2019 season, there are naturalized players on the Super League, and the national team has also begun to recruit Chinese and non-Chinese people.There is no doubt that this group is already a new generation of Chinese football, and the problems that follow have also become the test of the Chinese Football Association.Previously at the emerging investor conference in Shanghai, the issue of naturalized players triggered intense discussions and even games between the clubs and the Football Association.It has been reported in baseball that Chinese nationalized players are regarded as ordinary local players to implement registration, playing and other policies, and non-Chinese nationalized players implement the general foreign aid related policies.If this approach is adopted, huge controversy is justified-it is ridiculous that players who can be selected for the national team are treated differently by “internal and external assistance”.The addition of naturalized players is an auxiliary method to improve the competitive level of the national team. The outside world has already aimed at it. The support behind this method is to effectively prevent disorder and chaos, avoid disrupting the balance of the league and squeezing the survival space of local players.But as of today, relevant policies are still under discussion.Since the prediction of naturalized players, it has been several years since the operation of Chinese football, but the supporting policies are still “difficult to produce”. Systematic planning is the most lacking part.□ Zhou Xiao (Sports commentator of Beijing News)