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[Can I eat crabs with phlegm in my throat]

[Can I eat crabs with phlegm in my throat]

Many people usually like crabs very much, because crabs are rich in nutrients, which are very delicious, and many people are very fond of eating. In addition, some people are particularly fond of crab paste, so hereWhen to eat crab is the best, even some throat with sputum can not control the love of crab, but the cold nature of crab is very strong, it is recommended not to eat too much.

Experts point out that for healthy people, eating more crabs can cause indigestion and other symptoms such as abdominal distension, and for some people who cause diseases themselves, eating crabs will aggravate the disease, so the following people are not suitable to eatCrab crab.

Hepatitis patients Patients with hepatitis are prone to hyperemia and abnormal bile secretion. It can be said that the function of the entire digestive system is poor, so it is difficult to digest and absorb the proteins contained in crabs. These patients often appear after eating crabsBloating, vomiting and other symptoms.

In addition to the addition of protein, crabs of cardiovascular disease patients have high cholesterol. Overcoming an excessive diet will be worse for people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Indigestion may occur in mild cases and stroke may occur in severe cases.Causes of illness, etc.

Cholecystitis, pancreatitis patients with cholecystitis, patients with pancreatitis should not eat crabs.

These two diseases belong to the digestive system. A large amount of protein in crabs enters the digestive system of these patients, which will inevitably increase the burden of their gallbladder and calcium, which will have an adverse effect on the disease and even cause an acute attack.

People with Deficiency of Spleen and Stomach TCM also believes that because crabs are aquatic animals and belong to “coldness”, some people with Deficiency of Spleen and Stomach are not easily absorbed after eating.

Patients with colds and fevers Patients with colds and fevers are also unsuitable for crabs to avoid exacerbating symptoms.

Patients with a history of allergies. Some patients with a history of allergies have allergic reactions after eating crabs because the crabs contain heterologous proteins.

Some people have red wind clusters after eating crabs, some have small red rashes, itching is unbearable, and severe allergic shock will occur.

Health Tips: Even healthy people without any disease eat more crabs and crabs, and eat more one meal at a time. More than one crab is considered excessive.

In addition, if citizens want to dispel the coldness of crabs, they can drink white wine or Shaoxing rice wine when eating, and add ginger, perilla and other condiments when cooking.