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[Eating watermelon pharyngitis]_ Harm _ Harm

[Eating watermelon pharyngitis]_ Harm _ Harm

For professionals who often use their throats, especially those in the field of broadcasters, teachers, and other industries, excessive use of their voices is a common problem they face, and many people have throat penetration.

Once suffering from pharyngitis, drugs are always needed for interventional treatment, and in daily life, special attention should be paid to the foods consumed.

So, can patients with throat arthritis still eat watermelon?

Can pharyngitis eat watermelon? 1, health experts believe that watermelon itself is cold food (tips: food is divided into cold, cold, warm, hot and flat five properties) in terms of pharmacologyNegative, with clearing heat, purging fire, cooling blood, detoxifying and other effects, mostly suitable for thermal consequences.

And some patients with chronic pharyngitis belong to yang deficiency, qi and blood deficiency or wet lung constitution.Wait for six constitutions susceptible to diseases).

People with Yang Deficiency, Qi and Blood Deficiency, or Wet Lung Constitution are afraid of cold, indigestion, or obesity, and all cold foods are contraindicated. Therefore, the coldness of watermelon is exactly what promotes the cold in patients with chronic sore throat.””disease.

In summary, people with chronic pharyngitis should not eat cold food such as watermelon.

2. Watermelon contains a lot of sugar, and the fungi in the throat will get more nutrients and strengthen inflammation.

Mild, pharyngitis, or the onset of pharyngitis, you can prevent or assist the treatment by eating foods that have the effects of Shengjinjianghuo, lungs and cough, and prevent sore throat. People with pharyngitis cannot eat watermelon.

What are the methods of paroxysmal laryngitis? 1. Laryngitis causes sore throat, dry and itchy throat, and foreign body sensation when swallowed. Tongue root movement method can be used to get good results.

That is: closed the mouth, the tip of the tongue resisted the teeth, turned forward 18 times, reversed 18 times, and then swallowed the fluid in the mouth three times, and insisted on doing it each morning and evening.

2, the diet should be based on cool and peaceful food, eat less or not eat garlic, pepper, liquor and other irritating food.

Because these foods easily induce or exacerbate mucosal congestion, this is no different than adding fuel to the throat.

Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits with heat-clearing and stimulating effects, such as pear, sugarcane, watermelon, radish, loofah, fig, coriander, coriander, winter melon, banana, lily, etc.

3, eat red dates, strong tea juice, honey, sore throat.

Scorch the skin of 5 red dates with fire and pour it into sugar water for drinking. Take an appropriate amount of tea and wrap it with gauze. Use hot water to soak into thick tea juice. Add an appropriate amount of honey and mix thoroughly. Rinse mouth slowly every 30 minutes.Swallow and use multiple times.

These methods are better for treating sore throat and pharyngitis.

4. Moderately increase protein intake to improve the body’s immunity.

The level of human immunity is directly related to the recurrence of pharyngitis, so patients should appropriately increase the sampling, shrimp, meat, milk and other high-quality protein intake.

Pay attention to eat too much warm food such as lamb and dog meat when supplementing protein, otherwise it will easily aggravate the symptoms of throat discomfort.

5. Massage method: After getting up early in the morning, apply 3 to 4 drops of wind oil on the palm of the left hand and massage (clockwise) the throat part 20 to 30 times.

In addition, if you press the tip of your left ring finger, you can enhance good analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Point pressure method Use the right thumb and forefinger to directly press the left finger ring finger point rhythmically, insist three times a day, before the meal point pressure.

Press for 10-15 minutes each time, usually 3 to 4 days according to the effect.

Pharyngitis is a very good disease to treat. The key is the usual preventive and nursing measures, especially in terms of diet. This can prevent the disease from recurring and cause relatively large harm to patients.

6, American ginseng steamed pear American ginseng is cool, sweet and slightly bitter.

It has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing yin, clearing heat and promoting hydration.

For cough, phlegm and blood, dry mouth and dry throat.

Its main component is triterpenoid saponin.

Has anti-fatigue, anti-tumor and anti-viral effects.

Pear, cool, flat, sweet, slightly acidic, has the effects of refreshing and moistening, clearing heat and reducing phlegm.

It has a protective effect on the throat.

Yangzhan Litong steamed food has significant effects on cough, phlegm, and sore throat.