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80% of Feng Xiaogang’s “Only Yun Knows” is a real thing, and it is fiction

Directed by Feng Xiaogang, Huang Xuan, Yang Caiyu, Xu Fan, and Lydia Peckham starring in the film “Only Yun Knows” Sui Dongfeng and his wife Luo Yun have been together for fifteen years. Luo Yun died of middle age.Touching story.Director Feng Xiaogang feels that each age group has something to do that it feels comfortable with.Feng Xiaogang, 61, is very eager to make some very beautiful and nutritious movies.Unlike director Feng Xiaogang’s previous work, “Only Yun Knows” dilutes the drama conflict, just like a light, sad sad prose poem, slowly infiltrating the audience’s heart.For the performance, the director did not set up any rules for the actors. Many of the scenes in the film were made by the actors.In the sauna, Yewang interviewed Huang Xuan and Yang Caiyu exclusively, and talked about the behind-the-scenes story of the film creation.Prototype Feng Dao and the film prototype are many years of comrade Feng Xiaogang and the film’s prototype character Zhang Shu is a comrade-in-arms, and they lived in a dormitory when they were soldiers in the Army Cultural Regiment.On the first day of Zhang Shu’s relationship, he told Feng Xiaogang on the bus that I think this girl is very good. You can help me see it. Feng Xiaogang took a look and said it was really good.The girl is Luo Yang, and she is very affectionate after marrying Zhang Shu.In 2003, Zhang Shu and his wife returned from Canada, where they have lived for more than ten years, to join the film industry and have participated in more than ten filmings of Feng Xiaogang.However, the second year after the two returned to China, Luo Yang had merged bone cancer. During the filming of Fanghua in 2015, Zhang Shu left the Feng Xiaogang team and returned to Canada to concentrate on his wife. Luo Yang died a year later.From Zhang Shu and his wife, Feng Xiaogang saw the ideal state of love, decided to make a movie, and found Huang Xuan and Yang Caiyu who cooperated in “Fang Hua”.When filming “Only Yunyun”, Zhang Shu went with the team throughout the process and answered questions for the actors at any time.”He is a particularly affectionate man and still misses his wife until now,” Yang Caiyu said.On the day when the movie premiered in Shanghai some time ago, Zhang Shu shared a story. November 27 was the birthday of his wife Luo Yang. Zhang Shu was in Canada at that time. He sent an email to the local radio station in advance, saying that it could be November 27That night, I played a song that my wife liked very much during her lifetime. Later, the radio really helped him fulfill this wish.80% of the story is the real experience of the prototype character “Only Yun knows”, and 80% of the plots have actually happened.For example, Dongfeng bought Luo Yun’s hand cream; when the two went to see the whale, Dongfeng fought with others. After coming out of the police station, the two became emotionally passionate; after Luo Yun’s death, Dongfeng drove all the way to the strait thousands of kilometers awayWatching the whale, and finally the whale jumped out of the water, the east wind scattered Luo Yun’s ashes into the sea, these were all real.Zhang Xuan in Huang Xuan’s eyes is a very funny and humorous person. Like Dongfeng in the film, he often engages in some pranks. Some foreign waiters who teach restaurants speak Chinese and replace the Chinese of “thank you” with “fuck”, Are also the real experiences of prototype characters.The two in the film use swarf to decide whether to agree to the proposal of marriage, which is fictional, in order to be more dramatic.The performance environment The quietness of New Zealand helped to perform the entire film. Most scenes were shot in New Zealand, from Auckland in the North Island of New Zealand, to Mount Cook, Kaikoura, Clyde and other places in the South Island.Framing.New Zealand gives Yang Caiyu the feeling of being very quiet like a movie. The natural scenery is natural, “I have never seen a snowy mountain on one side, a green area under the snowy mountain, there are very dense trees, and here is the seaside.Elsewhere, it is difficult to see these scenes appearing on the same screen at the same time. “Yang Caiyu especially likes to go outside to run after finishing work every day, feel the aura and magnetic field, and make his heart very quiet. “I think this quiet state is very helpful for playing such a quiet movie.”Filmed in New Zealand, working 10 hours a day and taking a day off every week.This kind of work rhythm is very comfortable for Huang Xuan. He feels that if he keeps shooting for a few months, people will be tired.Taking a day off every week, you can sort out your heart, jump out of the character and take a breath, wash clothes, and exercise, it is a good adjustment.In the movie, there are some old trees under the house where Dongfeng and Luo Yun live, and only it stands alone.Huang Xuan is also curious why there are no trees around this tree.In the film, he has a line saying how to grow this tree so vigorously, because it wants to live, and the tree also has spirit.”I don’t know if the scriptwriter wrote this phrase after watching the scene, otherwise there is no such coincidence.” Performance concept This play is more of an improvisation. For the performance, the director does not require the actor to perform all the qualities of the prototype, but wants the actor to feel the role.Yang Caiyu feels that this drama is more about playing on the spot, after reading the script, and then integrating New Zealand’s local customs and customs, you will feel it.If you do a lot of homework and design and then perform with your opponent’s actors, the sparks will be different.In one filming, Zhang Shu told Yang Caiyu that you came to the scene this morning and walked in front of me. I suddenly trance and felt Luo Yang walked in front of me.When Zhang Shu said these words, the eye embryo was already wet.In the performance, Huang Xuan and Yang Caiyu’s philosophy is the same, “I haven’t thought about how to perform, how to design, I just want to let myself live in this character’s state.”In order to get closer to the status of the characters, Huang Xuan and Yang Caiyu went to the Chinese restaurant to experience life in advance. During the entire shooting process, Huang Xuan wore clothes with a Middle Eastern style and did not take off until he was killed.Animal play Doge Bru is a “professional actor” film Middle Eastern style and Luo Yun’s dog Breu is also a prototype. It is a stray dog picked up by Zhang Shu Luo Yang and his wife.a cat.The scenes where Brue got sick were big tears in the whole film. Some of Bruce’s reactions and emotions were particularly in place, which made people feel distressed.Yang Caiyu, who played the opponent’s play, was infected with Bru’s emotions during the performance. “It twitched and brought out my emotions. The whole person immediately entered a sad state.”In the usual way of getting along, Yang Caiyu has to please him. “People in the costume usually have dog snacks, and when they see it, they feed it.Huang Xuan said that Bruce is a professional “actor” in New Zealand, specializing in making movies. There are companies, agents, and agents are its trainers.The director will invite its trainer to tell the trainer all the movements in advance, and the trainer will start training the dog. When he arrives at the scene, he will complete the director ‘s instructions. Huang Xuan is also convinced by Bruce ‘s performance, “It is very professional and almostComplete all your requests, let it lie still without moving, dying, and yelling at the card, it will get up, it’s amazing. “There was no rehearsal for the ward drama, and for the scene where Ci Dongfeng and Luo Yun were in the ward, the director deliberately put it on the final shot, which was the last scene in New Zealand.Before filming, the director revised the lines of the whole play, then called the two actors to the car and read them the rewritten lines.Halfway through the reading, the director no longer sobbed, lighted a cigarette, and then continued to read.After reading the lines, Huang Xuan and Yang Caiyu’s eyes also turned red, and the three did not speak. An An quietly sat in the car for a few minutes. The scene was ready for shooting.The two actors haven’t rehearsed, and even the lines are not right.Huang Xuan recalled the scene and was still impressed. “Before shooting, my brain was blank. However, my heart beat very fast and my throat was very tight. I always felt that I had to face something that made me very unhappy.”In order to show the weakness of the character, Yang Caiyu was much thinner than before. Huang Xuan embraced it and felt like a bone.When Luo Yun said that I might not be able to wake up, Huang Xuan couldn’t help it. “I didn’t want to shed tears so early, but I couldn’t help it.” The whole body was shaking.Whale play Huang Xuan completed the performance in front of the air In order to fulfill the wish of his wife Luo Yun, Dongfeng took his wife’s ashes to drive a thousand kilometers to watch whales at sea.After waiting for a long time, Dongfeng finally saw a spectacular sight of swarms of whales jumping out of the sea, and he scattered his wife’s ashes in the sea.However, the actual shooting is not as romantic as in the movie. “I haven’t seen a whale so far.” In the face of the sauna and the night net, Huang Xuan regretted that the whale in that scene was synthesized by special effects.Because at sea, it ‘s too difficult to wait for the whale to shoot together. You do n’t know when it will appear, and you do n’t know where the camera should be placed. It ‘s too uncontrollable.In the end, the director can only synthesize special effects shots of a group of whales through post-CG technology.And for Huang Xuan, the problem facing the performance is to perform a physical performance against the air, “They told me what will happen to that piece, this piece will have a splash, its tail will curl up, allIt is by imagination. “However, Yang Caiyu, who did not see the whale in the play, replaced this regret outside the play.When Huang Xuan was filming the scene of ashes on the sea, there was no Yang Caiyu’s play. She went to Kaikoura. “It was the season when the sperm whale migrated to prey, and I was lucky to see it.”She sent the video of the whale to Huang Xuan, and at this time Huang Xuan was performing against the air and “Whale” at sea, which was particularly absurd. In the wedding banquet scene, they all drank the wine film Middle East and married Luo Yun. They did not hold a grand wedding. They only had a simple hot pot wedding banquet with the landlord Lin Tai.Yang Caiyu said that the scene was not in the announcement of the day’s shooting, because the scene was shot very quickly before that day, the director wanted to grab the sky, first take a panoramic view of the wedding banquet, and then take some close shots the next day.At that time, Yang Caiyu and Huang Xuan had no burdens and did not think too much. Before the shooting, the three actors drank some wine and used the current reaction to perform. In Yang Caiyu’s view, everyone was able to sink their hearts and realize the character’s mood at that time.”I heard Sui Dongfeng say those words, so touching”.A total of two scenes of this scene were passed.When the director finished the first shot, he was very excited. He ran over and asked the photographer if he had just captured the actor’s expression and emotional changes. The photographer all captured it.[Starring Talk]Sauna Night Net: After this drama, the two actors have mastered some skills, some cooking?Huang Xuan: I used to cook, but it was not very good.At that time, I went to the Chinese restaurant half a month in advance to practice cooking dishes every day.Finally, when the director came to the restaurant, I had a menu that I would make, and let him order. Basically, we want to live in the state of that character. In fact, sometimes I am busy after a day, so I fry a dish for myself, and eat it.Just go back and rest.Yang Caiyu: I did n’t cook much before, but I also went to Chinese restaurants to learn in advance, cut vegetables, wash vegetables, wrap spring rolls, including work like a lady ‘s wife, cash register, packing take-out boxes, how to pack bags, how to take a spoon to hold rice, twiceJust make the rice very round.Sauna Night Net: What dishes do you practice the most?Huang Xuan: Foreigners like to eat kung pao chicken, grunt, spring rolls. In recent years, they also like to eat spicy hot pot, so these dishes are more popular.Yang Caiyu: Because the director likes to eat potato shreds, I cut the most potatoes, from potato chips to potato shreds.Sauna Night Net: There are a lot of English dialogues in the film. Can you talk about the process of preparing English?Huang Xuan: I have a hunch that I might encounter a role to speak English in the future. I also learned English a few years ago.When I went to New Zealand this time, I brought only one person, my foreign language teacher. Every day, he would speak English with me, and then correctly estimate that he should not only speak it accurately, accent standard, but also be able to express your emotions naturally.Yang Caiyu: When Luo Yun first went to New Zealand, English was not too authentic, so I did a homework at that time and wrote down all my previous English lines in Chinese characters, so that when I went to read the lines, the conditions in my mindThe reflection is Chinese characters, so when I use the phonetic transcription of Chinese characters to read English, I just get a sense of English that is not particularly authentic.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Xu Qiaoyang proofreading Xue Jingning