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Sports Morning News: Premier League shocked 9-0, Chongqing’s first home victory over Shenhua in 18 years

Last night this morning, the show was well-connected.In the 10th round of the Premier League, Leicester City defeated Southampton 9-0 away, creating the biggest score difference in the English Premier League ‘s 131-year history; the Chinese Super League, the relegation-free Chongqing Sway beat Shanghai 1-0Shenhua put an end to the embarrassment of the Chongqing team’s 18-year home victory over their opponents . Ayoze Perez broke the goal and he staged a “hat trick” in this game.Vardy broke the goal, he also staged a “hat trick” in this game.[Crazy]Leicester City beat Southampton 9-0, this morning, the Premier League round 10 first match, Leicester City beat Southampton 9-0 away.Ayoze Perez and Vardy staged a “hat trick”.It was the away team’s biggest difference in the 131-year history of the English Premier League and tied the record for the Premier League’s biggest difference.In 1995, Manchester United defeated Ipswich 9-0 at home.[Breakthrough]Chongqing team won Shenhuahua for the first time in 18 years. In the 27th round of the Chinese Super League, a match was started at the Chongqing Olympic Sports Center.In the 15th minute of the first half, Feng Jin picked the penalty area, Zhu Chenjie fouled the handball, and Caldek took the penalty kick.In the end, Chongqing Swee defeated Shanghai Shenhua 1-0 at home.The Air Force has played 9 times in the history of the Chinese Super League. Chongqing has 5 draws and 4 losses.Since 2001, counting the predecessors of both sides, this is the Chongqing team’s first home victory over Shenhua in 18 years.[Promotion]The Chinese men’s volleyball team entered the National Games last night. Last night, the men’s volleyball team of the 7th World Military Games launched a semi-final competition, representing the Chinese men’s volleyball team against the Pakistani volleyball team.After three games, the Chinese team defeated Pakistan 3-0 to enter the final.In another semi-final, the Korean men’s volleyball team defeated the Qatar men’s volleyball team 3-1 to reach the final.The Chinese team will compete with the Korean men’s volleyball team for the championship.[Out of the game]Chinese men’s basketball team stopped the semi-finals last night. The men’s basketball semi-finals of the 7th World Military Games were antique between the Chinese team and the Lithuanian team.After four quarters of competition, the Chinese team’s 67-70 three-point gap regrets losing to their opponents, stopping the semi-finals.The Lithuanian team advanced to the final.The Chinese team has 4 brilliant doubles. Wang Zhelin scored the team’s highest 16 points and 8 rebounds. The Lithuanian team includes the former National Youth and active National Youth players of the country and several Lithuanian league players at all levels.Editor Han Shuangming proofreading Liu Baoqing